1. sometimes when i’m taking a shower i lean forward and let my hair dramatically fall in front of my face and pretend i just had some kind of heart shattering moment in the rain

    and other times i collect water in my mouth and spit it at things like a squirtle

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  4. I want cake. Somebody talk me out of it :P x

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  7. Suuuup :P

    So, I haven’t been on here in bloody ages. It’s been going ok now :D . Starting skinny girl diet tomorrow. Bring. It. On.

    Want to be 114lbs by the end of it. Definitely feasible. Next weigh in, in 5 days time. See you then x

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  8. The feeling you get when you realise nobody gives a shit about you

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  9. Why does my mother hate me so much? :’(

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  10. Applied to a new school today. I really hope they offer me a place. Fingers crossed xxx

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